OpenAI-Threads: A simplified wrapper around the new Assistant API

OpenAI-Threads: A simplified wrapper around the new Assistant API

Nov 7, 2023Β·

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What is openai-threads?

openai-threads is a tool that encapsulates the complexity of OpenAI's Thread API into a friendly, easy-to-use package.

Core Features

  • Thread Creation: Start conversations with AI in a snap.

  • Message Management: Send and receive messages to and from the AI with simple method calls.

  • Event Handling: Listen for and respond to events like queued, in_progress, or completed with custom callbacks.

  • Function Registration: Hook in custom functions that can be called dynamically during AI interactions.

  • Status Polling: Keep tabs on the conversation with real-time updates on the thread status.

Get Started

Getting up and running with openai-threads is straightforward:

  1. Install the Package: Run npm install openai-threads in your project directory.

  2. Import and Configure: Import the OpenAIThread class and configure it with your OpenAI assistant ID.

  3. Interact with AI: Use the provided methods to create threads, send messages, and handle AI responses.

Simple Example

const thread = new OpenAIThread("your-assistant-id");
await thread.createThread();
await thread.createUserMessage("How many users were at the event on 2023-01-03?");
const run = await thread.runThread("Assist the user with the event data.");

Why Use openai-threads?

My package takes the complexity out of managing OpenAI threads. With a few lines of code, you can integrate sophisticated AI interactions into your applications. No need to manually handle API requests and responses or manage state – openai-threads does it for you.

Contribute and Support

Contributions are welcome! If you encounter any issues or want to suggest improvements, please submit a pull request or open an issue on our GitHub repository. The package is still being worked on and improved as more experience is gained with these beta OpenAI features.

Get started with openai-threads now and rapidly deploy functional assistants today!

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